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After using Google A for Enterprise for a while, here are some of my thoughts about that.

Definitely need a way to turn off spam filter

A number of my customer emails go to the spam folder. This makes me check the spam folder more often than the inbox!

Lists functionality is unreliable

Sometimes, my emails to my own lists gets rejected and I get a nice little help link that says “Google has detected that you are trying to spam”. WTF, you are talking about serious business here and sometimes ignoring certain things is better being over cautious. Please learn this dear Google.

Where is group by email feature?

By default, gmail groups by thread. That is fine. But for enterprise, we need more than that. Group by Email, Group by date in ascending order etc. Typical features clients like Thunderbird or outlook provides you.

Centralized Address Book

As soon as the number of employees cross more than 20, it becomes very necessary to have a centralized address book, since a number of contact information change quite frequently like extension number, personal contact numbers, current project etc.

I am sure, others can add more to this list. So overall, my impression is that when you startup, you can use Google A, since the standard edition is free. But once you grow and start to think about business seriously, better setup your own infrastructure.

And Google, if you are thinking of beating Microsoft, then a web based platform is definitely not the way to go. Buy mozilla and see if you can make thunderbird and other collaboration software, enterprise friendly and business ready.


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