I happened to see this post. I was waiting for Mike or Scoble to give a nice reply to this. Since no one commented, I am going ahead with this post. First of all, is Opera and Safari the latest version used for the comparison? Also does it take a simulation software to prove that Firefox is memory hogging. Any average computer user, who knows how to open task manager can see for himself, how much memory our Firefox eats up. Have Firefox and Thunderbird open at the same time, forget a big chunk of your RAM, simple.

While I agree with the fact that firefox 3 has lesser memory leak than firefox 2, I will not accept the fact anytime soon, that firefox is all set to beat opera for the light weight browser title.


Still thinking 1 GBP = 2 USD? Well buddy, that doesn’t hold good in all the cases. Use this post as a reference for your currency conversion needs.


For every $500, reduce GBP 100. Lets see some examples

  • iPod Touch: US Price: $299, UK Price: GBP 199 (Reduce 100)
  • Dell XPS 1530: US Price: $799, UK Price: GBP 599 (Reduce 200, since the amount > 500)
  • Nintendo Wii: US Price: $249, UK Price: GBP 159


1 GBP = 1 USD

$4.99 Burger at Mc. Donald’s would cost you GBP 4.99 here in UK simple. Prices of all other items including groceries also maintain the number.


  • London: 2 GBP = 1 USD.
  • Rest of UK: 1 GBP = 1 USD

Keep you posted, as and when I figure out other things here.

New city and New start?

I didn’t get a chance to tell all my friends, fans, well-wishers about this. Hence making this post, so that people could know where I am right now, in case they are not aware of.

I am in London right now. I ended up coming here due to a number of unavoidable reasons. Fortunately, I got a job here on day 1 with an interesting company, which I might reveal in due course.

For now, take a look at some of the photos of my new workplace and also feel free to check out my public album.

London Office

Presentation of the Groovy and Grails Talk that I gave at WebCamp.

My introductory talk at WebCamp Chennai.

See you @ Webcamp

I am one of the organizer for the first Webcamp in India. JasperSoft, the market leader in Open source Business Intelligence (BI) is sponsoring for this event. Senthil of Railsfactory and a number of others (Dinesh, Syed, Narain …) are actively helping us to make this event better. Even you can help us in this. Here are the ways

  • Participate in the event. Registerations are still open!
  • Give a talk during the event.
  • Blog about the event. Use tags : WebCamp and WebCampChennai.

Look forward to meet hackers/tech geeks like you all!

Here is the presentation that I made at MoMoChennai. It was about “Developing Web Applications for iPhone”.