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Some of the Insider Information regarding my Indian Startups Blog. Thought it might be useful for someone.

How a topic gets selected?

Usually people asking me to review their site. Or sometimes, I will choose a startup randomly (Based on recent posts in other blogs, Recent buzz)

Anything special about the titles of your posts?

I spend a lot of time, to choose the best title for my post. I usually name the title with something that excited me to write that particular post. Below are some examples.

What will I do if I find a startup promising, but don’t want to blog about it immediately?

I will add it to the Indian Startups Directory, which has become matured enough now.

How many Review request mails am I getting?

One or two request mails per week.

Revenue Model

I am not going to worry about any revenue from this blog for another couple of years. Pure focus on continuing to write something interesting and useful.

Other plans

Just started a new blog focused on UK based startups. No time for podcasting or video interviews. But I will be doing more and more Email Interviews down the line.


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Officially announcing the launch of my new blog with focus on Indian Startups. It is aptly named as desistartups.in. You can subscribe to the feed here.

For a little intro about this blog, read here.

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